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what is the meaning of social cause in here?

These people were not seen as
exemplary subjects of some social cause, as they might be by documentary
photographers. Rather, the fascination of street photography was with the
infinite ways of being that were acted out in little moments in public spaces.

Book1: Photography: A Critical Introduction, by Liz Wells.
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    If a photographer wants to take pictures of people who represent a "social cause", the photographer is concerned about some social problem. A photographer who is worried about poverty might take pictures of homeless people.

    Wells is telling you that those subjects were not selected because they symbolized some social problem.


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    When used in this context, cause = an aim or goal that is related to a set of circumstances or a condition that is the subject of concern to the public in general or to a specific group.

    "He worked for a charity whose cause was helping the disabled/eradicating blindness/prevention of crime, etc."
    "She was a monarchist and worked for the cause of the Shah."
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