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Hi there,

What exactly is a social hall in a church? I mean, I know it seems self-explanatory, but could you explain a little the kind of activities that take place there? Do people meet there after the sermon? Do they have lunch and dinner there (and if so, when)? Do they, perhaps, hold a party there after a wedding or a baptism?

My question refers to an Eastern Orthodox church in the US in particular, but any comments about our churches would be appreciated as well.

Thank you!
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    In the UK these would be called church halls. They might be used after services for coffee and small social gatherings, or even for sudnay school for littler kids while the adults are in the main service.

    The use will vary a great deal but they are often available for private hire for parties and dances. A common activity used to be fetes and stalls selling crafts etc. These might happen a few times a year.

    Weekly use can include parent and toddler groups, keep fit classes coffee mornings, it would depend on the energy of the local community, really.


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    Hi suzi br, thanks so much for your detailed reply. Would they also be used for wedding receptions? You mentioned they would be available for private hire.


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    Yes - to the question about wedding receptions - although most couples prefer more interesting surroundings :)
    The church hall I am familiar with is used for occasional church meals, babes and toddlers, badminton, bowls, table tennis, chess, art groups, theatre workshop, lunches for students, youth activities of all kinds ... ... ... basically, for any church activity that is not appropriate in the main sanctuary.
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