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    How would you translate social media into German? Is Sozialen Medien a term used in everyday language? What about social media management- how do you say that in German? I'm trying to describe my typical day (that's my language assignment) and this is one of my tasks at work.
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    Ich denke, "Social Media" ist häufiger anzutreffen als "Soziale Medien".
    Auch der Wikipedia-Artikel macht das recht klar. Letztendlich liegt es also in deiner Hand, ob du die Übersetzung verwendest oder nicht.
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    Hi Arukami, thanks for your reply. Yes, that's what I read too. That Social Media is more common than Soziale Medien but I wanted to check. I've decided to use ''Social Media Marketing'' in my translation (I've encountered the term mentioned used just like that in the Wikipedia article you've mentioned above).
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    P.S. Is Leitung Social media a good translation for Social Media Management?
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    You might consider soziale Netzwerke.
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