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    What does 'social networkers' mean? Is it same to netizens?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/wor...tyle-luggage-row-passenger.html#ixzz0wHq5w31n

    I got the definition about social network from Wikipedia, but I am not clear about it.


    Here "social networkers" just refers to people who contact others socially through "Facebook". Here is a definition from the Urban Dictionary for "netizen": This word is a variant on citizen. A person who interacts with others on the internet. In effect, anyone who uses the internet becomes a netizen.

    If we choose to believe this definition, then anybody who is using the internet is a netizen, including those who use it to socialize. :)

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    The Wikipedia definition appears to be in terms of sociology ("nodes" and other technical terms), and therefore, I think, not particularly helpful here. The term "netizen", I think, would be a definition that would pose more questions than it solves, as I would consider it to be less widely understood than "social networker".

    The term in the newspaper article is used in reference to internet social networking sites, Facebook being the most prominent. A social networker in this context is a person who regularly use sites like Facebook. In fact the context seems to indicate that "social networker" here refers to users of Facebook in particular.
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