Social Security and Welfare Insurance


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Hi everyone!!!

I would like to ask to you what's the difference between this two words SOCIAL SECURITY and WELFARE INSURANCE. There is no text involved, I just want to know if there is some difference and which it is

Thanks you all! :D
  • Chris K

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    Speaking only of the way the term is used in the US, "Social Security" is a specific government-administered program that is most familiar for paying a monthly stipend to retired people, although there are other parts of the Social Security system as well. "Welfare insurance" isn't really a term we use; we speak of either "welfare programs" or just "welfare," to refer to programs that provide assistance under various conditions to people in need.

    "Social Security" is, in effect, a form of insurance or investment paid for by deductions from the paychecks of those who will eventually receive the benefits, and it is not based (entirely) on need. "Welfare," on the other hand, is generally paid for out of general tax revenues and is only given to those who are needy and eligible.

    That's a simplified explanation of programs that are often quite complex.