Social vs sociable

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I found these two words are sometimes interchangeable. For example,
(infml) He's not a very social/sociable person. (from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
a social evening (from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
They had a very sociable evening. (from Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learning's English Dictionary)

So the two following sentenses are the same in meaning.
John often participates in social parties actively.
John often participates in sociable parties actively.

Could you please give your opinions?
  • ShakespeareLass

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    A sociable party portrays for me a friendly party, a place where you do know the people who take part in and even feel comfortable around them.

    A social party sounds to me more like a formal occasion, a place you might not know all the party-comers yet. A place you might be needed to fit in.

    So, in my opinion, social party vs sociable party is not a one and the same.

    I hoped it helped ;
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