social welfare


I am trying to come up with the right expression for the following context and I wonder if social welfare is appropriate.

People walk instead of driving to reduce air pollution for social welfares. Like this , people should help and care about strangers in distress for social welfare. We should contribute to social welfare by helping each other.
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    In the first two instances, 'social welfare' doesn't sound natural (and you can't have 'welfares'). A better expression in both cases might be 'for the good of society'.

    In the third instance, 'social welfare' is somewhat more natural sounding, but I don't think it's quite right. I think 'a better society', or simply 'society' on its own would be better.

    Others may disagree or have better suggestions . . .


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    In the US, "social welfare" can be a politically charged term; it tends to be used for government-supported programs that provide financial help to the less fortunate, and most often is applied only to those programs that the person speaking wishes to end. (We have no greater insult in this country's politics than to call something "socialist.")

    Therefore, for an American audience at least, the other suggestions above would be much better.
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