socialite, in less formal terms

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coup de hache

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hello everybody,

can you think of a colloquial expression meaning "a person who is known to be a part of fashionable society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained", as wikipedia defines "socialite"?

thanks a lot!

  • JamesM

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    Socialite is still an excellent term but there must be others. Glitterati is one modern term for the group; "a member of the glitterati" would work.

    "Upper crust" is an older term, as is "one of the beautiful people." For the younger socialites there is "celebutante", a combination of celebrity and debutante. Although it is not required for an heiress to be a socialite, a socialite who is "old money" is often referred to as an heiress (female). "Heir" doesn't quite work in the same way for males, as far as I know.

    For a cruder term there is "rich bitch."
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    "Social butterfly" is also a common term for people who love to be part of the social scene.
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