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How do you say "socially awkward" in Turkish, in the sense of someone lacking social skills?

Example sentences:

Socially awkward people find partners very late in life, if ever.
If you weren't so socially awkward, you wouldn't be afraid to ask the saleswoman for a pack of cigarettes.
The socially awkward child was bullied after he was repeatedly caught creepily staring at various classmates.

Thank you in advance
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    Thank you for the replies

    However, I don't think that "asosyal" and "çekingen" convey the meaning of "socially awkward", since as for the former, even in English there is a difference between "unsocial" and "socially awkward", and as for the latter, it simply means "withdrawn", i.e. "shy", which is also distinct from "socially awkward". The idea of being socially awkward does not simply imply being afraid of making contact with others, but appearing very clumsy and ridiculous while actually doing it, which "withdrawn" and "shy" don't necessarily require. As far as I'm concerned, it's possible to be withdrawn and shy but still have some sort of grace. As for "pısırık", it's the first time I see it and I cannot break it down into identifiable roots, so I can't tell how much it fits what I'm looking for. As for "topluma ayak uyduramayan", I really like it, actually. It literally means "not being able to fit his or her foot into society", right?

    Either way, it's very likely that there isn't anything more exact than what has been suggested, so I'll just stick to these words and phrases. After all, most languages appear to lack a direct translation of "socially awkward". Even in my native Macedonian, I have no idea how to translate the concept properly and resort to an approximation.


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    Cekingen would be correct

    also if it was to be portrayed in a slightly offensive fashion i.e (mockingly) , then you could also use illeri zekaalı
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