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  • I am just wondering. Someone described themselves as being "socially compliant", that is, not a rebel, someone who obeys the rules and mores of the society and does not challenge them. I know this term but I was just interested in what the opposite would be, in the same key. I mean, not terms like "rebel" "dissocial" but is there an actual antonym?


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    I second dn88's suggestion to use 'socially defiant'. (According to websites such as this and this, the antonym of 'compliant' is indeed 'defiant'.) The collocation seems roughly as uncommon as 'socially compliant':
    Google Web:
    socially compliant... 6,940
    socially defiant.......1,870

    Google Books:
    socially compliant......437
    socially defiant..........224

    socially compliant.....0 / 0
    socially defiant.........0 / 7 (all from a single issue of Journal of Instructional Psychology)

    Here are the only two examples from Google Books which combine those terms:

    This is an interesting refinement of the debate in the first decades of Jane Eyre's reception between those who thought it a socially defiant novel and those who thought it socially compliant.

    Zuckerman presents Coleman's passing as white as his precious secret, a posture that ironically permits him to live an otherwise morally and socially compliant, even exemplary, life: dutiful husband, loving father, and committed academic. His one socially defiant act at once ensures his integrity and makes possible his acceptance of society's rules.
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