socially conservative government

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The quotation comes from Poland abortion: Deputy PM backs away from ban - BBC News

Quotation: Poland's socially conservative government has a majority in parliament but the bill is not sponsoed by the government and all MPs will have a free vote.

The deputy prime minister told Radio Koszalin in northern Poland that the current abortion exceptions would remain.

"I want to reassure those who fear that in Poland abortion will be completely prohibited," he said.
Hi everyone! Does it mean "the government that embraces social conservatism"?
  • owlman5

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    Hi, Irelia.

    Does it mean "the government that embraces social conservatism"?
    It does, but it's probably helpful to remember what "social conservatism" means. A socially conservative government should be a government that doesn't try to impose many social policies. It should be a government run by people who think that governments don't have any business trying to tell people how to behave and interact with each other.


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    I think I have to slightly disagree with owlman here.

    While I think his interpretation is a possible one in general, the other one that is possible in general is that "social conservatism" is about conserving social values, i.e. an opposite of social progressivism. So if you confess "social conservatism" as a member of government or parliament/senate, and act on that, then you're trying to enact legislation or policies that conserve the social values the nation supposedly already has. In other words, if you're socially conservative and cast votes regarding legislation, then you'll vote (for example) against making abortion legal (because it currently isn't, and you want to preserve what is), and you'll vote against making gay marriage legal and recognized (for the same reason).

    In this case, regarding the BBC article, I think the article makes the point that the parliament will not ban all abortion despite being socially conservative (in line with my interpretation above) - not that the parliament will not ban all abortion because it is socially conservative (in line with Owlman's interpretation).
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