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Hi everyone, I am trying to find the appropriate way to say that something crosses different social classes. I am writing about a musician who sung peasant popular poetry and politically-engaged music in Latin America, belonging to a working-class culture, but at the same time she was highly valued by members of the elite, becoming a 'socially-crosscutting' (or -traversing, or -overlapping?) figure. I don't know if there is an adequate expression for this idea, or would I have to rephrase it? I couldn't find anything about this, so I'm thinking maybe there is no simple expression for this in English. Thanks so much for any help!!
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    Sure, thanks. I have three examples:

    1) 'I discuss how her work allowed her to defy political, social and gender-related aspects of a Chilean post-colonial society, finally revealing the controversial status of her socially-cross-cutting legacy, especially amidst the current process of political protests against the historical social disparities in Chile.'
    2) 'According to Ericka Verba (2018), this folkloric boom was only possible due to the socially-traversing nature of the interest in the subject of folklore.'
    3) 'Nonetheless, being perhaps one of the most notable artists in Chile, the extent of her work goes way beyond these social margins. In other words, Violeta Parra today constitutes a socially-crosscutting figure.'

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    Perhaps "the controversial status of her legacy as a figure who transcends social boundaries."

    We sometimes use the adjective "crossover," but I'm not sure how you could work it in here.
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