sociedad de responsabilidad limitada

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  1. valsal Member

    "Los socios de la Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de caracter unipersonal"

    se puede traducir como

    "The members of the Limited-Liability Company of Sole Proprietorship" ?

  2. apgm Member

    English US dominant/Spanish secondary
    a "sociedad de responsabilidad limitada" is a limited liability company. If "unipersonal", then a "unipersonal limited liability company" OR a "sole shareholder limited liability company", ie there is only one shareholder. The problem with your example is it refers to "members" in the plural, which is a contradiction. I would nevertheless translate either "shareholders of the unipersonal limited liability company" OR "members of the unipersonal limited liability company".
  3. David

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    I would read "Los socios de la Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de caracter unipersonal" to refer to those partners (of the limited-liability partnership) who are themselves individual natural persons, rather than corporations or partnerships. I think one or more full sentences illustrating the intended meaning would facilitate the translation.
  4. valsal Member

    I´m a bit confused as to what is a sole proprietorship limited liability company, because the contract I´m translating for a Spanish company talks about "participaciones sociales"- which I thought were shares... but if it´s a "sole shareholder" company, how can this be? or how else would you translate "participaciones"?

    Thanks a lot David for your help!
  5. apgm Member

    English US dominant/Spanish secondary
    translate "participaciones sociales" as "equity interests" or "share interests" or just "interests". A Spanish Limited Liability Company has limited liability and pays corporate income tax and therefore is like a U.S. corporation. It does not however technically have "shares" in the sense of common stock, but rather equity interests. I would advise you not refer to "sole propietorship" or interests held by "individuals" or "natural persons". The vast majority of Spanish limited liability companies are held by ANOTHER company as sole shareholder. This form of company, unipersonal, is usually referred to as a "sole shareholder limited liability company". The problem in your case, as mentioned earlier, is that the text refers to "los socios" in the plural. This will not necessarily be confusing to a lawyer but does pose a translation problem, since the sentence with "sole shareholder" sounds contradictory. I still recommend "unipersonal limited liability company", but there are other possibilities.
  6. valsal Member

    Thanks apgm!
    The contract I´m translating refers to the appearing party as the one who is "making up" (quien constituye) the unipersonal commercial limited liability company and he mentions the interests and the "socios" who may receive them

    Thanks again for all your help!

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