Sociedades en comandita por acciones NO al portador


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Sociedades en comandita por acciones NO al portador

This is from a Uruguayan shareholder declaration.
It appears in a table concerning the type of company that the declaration refers to.
What would the translation be?

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    There is no equivalent in the US or UK to a “Sociedad en Comandita por Acciones” from Uruguay. Such entity is a hybrid entity, similar to a US Limited Partnership, having separate legal personality, and general partner(s) with unlimited liability, but inapposite to a partnership by allowing the issuance of shares that can be freely transferred, a corporate attribute.

    Whether the shares are “No al portador” (non-bearer) is of no consequence in the foregoing context.

    Trying to capture the essence of the entity, see if this works for you, : “ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP AUTHORIZED TO ISSUE NON-BEARER SHARES”