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There was a hole in my sock, can I say my sock is broken?

If someone heard "the sock is broken", would she/he think the sock was torn in two parts? So I am not sure whether I can say "My sock is broken" when there is a hole in my sock.

Thank you.
  • Cenzontle

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    Something flexible, like paper or the cloth of a sock, can't be "broken".
    As both you (ridgemao) and Enquiring said, the sock "has a hole in it".
    Even "tearing" or "ripping" a sock is unusual, because of the knitted material they are made of.
    Tearing and ripping are more likely to happen to woven cloth.
    I think for some speakers, tearing and ripping are equivalent,
    while for others, tearing is damage to the cloth and ripping is a separation at a seam.
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