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I need your help. I don't understand this sentence: She socked him on the shoulder...
Can you please explain what she did to him?

Here is more context, hope it's sufficient. It's in the historical romance novel based in Regency England.

Although they did not speak of it, Margaret knew her young
brother was aware of the tension in the house. She did not want
him to worry, so she socked him on the shoulder on his way out the
door, as any good sister would.

(He was leaving home for school and Margaret was saying him goodbye...)

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.
  • modroocko

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    I just found unlikely that the upper class girl in 1815 would punch her brother when escorting him to the carriage.
    Or do you think it possible?
    Thank you.


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    Whether it's a good depiction of sibling relations two centuries ago, I don't know. That's definitely what the book says, though.
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