Sodding-well pissed off!


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Marie groaned. ‘Oh hell! How do you feel about that little bombshell?’
Sodding-well pissed off!’ Marie almost smiled. Jackman very rarely swore.
Source: The Guilty Ones by Joy Ellis
Context: Detective Sergeant Marie is conversing with DI Jackman at the Latern-Le-Fen police station. The Superintendent is not certain that Jackman will be able to maintain a professional attitude. She’s worried about a possible conflict of interest because the dead person, Sarah, was his sister-in-law. He assured her that they were never close, and pointed out that the reason for that was his commitment to his career, but she’s considering asking him to stand down and let someone else take over.

What does sodding-well actually mean? I trawled through other threads and none seemed to be relevant to this construct.

Thank you.
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    It means "very" + emotion.
    "Pissed off"—at least in AE—means angry. So "very angry".
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