soffrire di non essere più adolescente

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    Hi, my wise counsellors! ;)
    I give you the context: the sentence refers to an Italian poet who, by then adult, mourned for good days of his youth, when he was young and carefree.

    The original sentence is the following:

    In quel periodo (il poeta) soffre di non essere più adolescente, perché la vita lo rimanda costantemente alla sua realtà difficile.

    My translation:

    At the time he suffered from (could not tolerate / feared of) being no longer an adolescent, because the life constantly sent him again to his hard reality.

    I am unsure which verb to use to translate "soffrire [di non essere]"..Please, could someone tell me if I have translate it in the right way? Thank you very much in advance ;)
    Naturally, any advice and/or corrections are more than welcome! :)
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    Hi Namichan - A few ideas:
    The sentence in Italian is in the present tense, so for a closer translation it should be in the present in English. However, the phrase "in quel periodo" seems to require the past, so I will keep it in the past.

    At the time, he suffered from no longer being an adolescent...

    now the second part:
    because life (without the article) constantly sent him back to (his) hard reality.

    I think in English it sounds better without "his."

    Hope this helps.
  3. Namichan

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    PN - Italy
    Hi Joanvillafane! Thank you very very much!! ;) You have been a great help to me! Thanks, thanks, thanks..The sentence is in the present tense because it is written in "presente storico" but when I translate, I prefer turn it into simple past: it seems more correct to me.
    Thank you again for your valuable suggestions. :)

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