soft venom & quiet venom

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What is the exact synonym for 'venom' considering its usage in below sentences? It seems somewhat different from grudge, spite, animosity, etc.

(I take it that 'soft' is in the meaning of 'slight', and 'quiet' of 'sneaky'.)

"Then Mor said with a soft venom that made me understand he High Lord’s Third had received training of her own..."

“She made Amarantha seem as sweet as Elain,” Mor explained with soft venom.

"There are other ways around it ," she had added with such quiet venom.

Source: The Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J.Maas.
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    In its literal meaning "venom" means "poison". Here it is used figuratively, describing how people speak. Both those words (and their adjectives poisonous/venomous and adverbs poisonously/venomously) are used about speech. Roughly, it means nasty, vicious, cruel.

    "Soft" may mean "understated" - there is venom/poison in his speech, but it isn't obvious. Or "soft" could just mean speaking quietly.

    Often, saying someone's speech has "venom" in it implies that they hate the person they are talking about. That hatred is noticeable in their speech, which "seems like poison".

    These terms are used in stories, and were used in everyday speech long ago. But in modern English we would just say someone sounds angry, hateful, spiteful, vicious, etc.
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