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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a good translation into French for "the interviewer only asked him softball questions." What's the meaning of "softball" here please? Thankyou
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    Here, of course, the term "softball" is used metaphorically. In hardball (baseball), the ball travels faster and hurts more when you catch it (or get hit on the head with it). Younger children often play softball for safety reasons, so "hardball" is associated with a faster, somewhat more dangerous game.

    A "softball question" is an easy question; a "hardball question" is a difficult question.

    Example: At a White House press conference, a reporter asks, "Mr. President, did you enjoy your Easter holiday." That's a softball question.

    Another reporter asks, "Mr. President, last year you said you'd have a balanced budget by this year, yet you've cut taxes and increased spending. Can you explain that?" That's a hardball question.

    "To play hardball" means to be serious, tough, and competetive; "to play softball" means the opposite.

    But as for how to say it in French, with or without preserving the sports connotation, I don't know.

    Hope this helps!


    P.S. "Hardball" is a political talk show on the MSNBC cable network in the USA, so named because Chris Matthews, the host, asks tough questions....


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    Bonjour à tous,

    des questions "bateau", terme qui exprime l'idée de facilité. On parle de sujet bateau lors d'un examen, comble de la facilité.


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    On parle dans le métier d'un article de complaisance, d'une interview de complaisance... "Une question de complaisance" me semblerait donc convenir, si on souhaite éviter le style familier de "fastoche" et "bateau".