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    It depends. Software package can just mean the package in which the software came in, or it could mean when several different programs are bundled (just like software bundle).


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    As far as I'm aware, no. I would expect a software package to be a single package of programs such as Microsoft Office. Bundle, on the other hand, I would expect to describe a deal where you buy several pieces of software together, probably for a discounted price.

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    I think of a package has having one software program and a bundle as having more than one program.

    I just checked my Microsoft Press Computer User's Dictionary and found this for software package: a program sold to the public, ready to run and containing all necessary components and documentation.

    "Bundle" is also used in the context of bundling software with hardware, which you may know and which has no bearing on your question but I just thought I'd throw it in. :)


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    A software bundle is often used to describe software given away with the purchase of a hardware and is quite often useless or at least not specifically asked for the by the customer.

    A software package is not much different to a software program and is often used to make a piece of software sound more impressive or complete. It can also mean several programs sold/given away together.

    A software suite is a set of complementary programs sold/made available together or separately, e.g. Microsoft Office, containing the Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. programs.
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