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One of my students has difficulty in reading English words; he studies here 2 hours per week. And he doesn't read English for the rest of the time because he doesn't know how to pronounce those words. I then said:

Do I need to make an mp3 for you?

I wonder if "make a mp3 for you" is fine.

I first would use software and use my microphone to talk to this software, this software would record what I say and then it becomes a mp3.

But I think "make" includes efforts, it's not very good here, should I say something else?

Thanks a lot
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    Sorry, I've corrected again. Thanks a lot. In Chinese, you know, we say "a software" every day. I'll pay more attention to it.


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    You may occasionally hear 'a software', but the general advice is to treat software like tableware or glassware. If you need to you can say 'a piece of software' or 'a software system'.

    On a side note, e-mail was originally also treated as uncountable, but it is now regarded as countable and people talk about 'an email' and 'emails'.


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    Thanks a lot. Nat.

    Added: I edited my post with "an mp3" because I don't want it to be misleading, but now it might be more so, sorry. I won't do that again. (Cell phone now)
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