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Hi, when we talk about "solar expertise" in this context, does it refer to the study of the rays or to the protection against the sun, or both?

Context: A perfect replica of a natural, golden, luminoustan, the Bronzing Beauty range imitates
each sun variation without any self-tanning
A hybrid beauty gesture that exploits all the solar expertise
of the Lancaster Research Centre. For the first time, you
can moisturise your skin and trigger melanin production,
while adjusting the colour of your skin before your eyes.

Source: confidential file

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    I suspect that this is a case of ad-speak rather than science. I have not been able to find any relevant results for "Lancaster Research Centre". The only occurrence of the phrase is in connection with the Business Management School of Lancaster University (UK). Whatever they do there, it is unlikely to be research into tanning.

    Can you find any other mention of this "Lancaster Research Centre" elsewhere in the text? Unless you can find some corroboration that this is a bona fide academic enterprise, I suspect that it is something that has been made up for the purposes of this advertisement. Perhaps it is an R&D department of some manufacturer?

    The only advice that I can offer is to translate "solar expertise" in any way that suits you. The implication in your quoted text is that it is a field of knowledge connected with the action of the sun upon human skin.


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    Solar is an adjective meaning of or associated with the sun. "Solar expertise" would mean to me superior knowledge about the sun—especially, in the light of current public interests, about the use of solar energy.
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