Solar-powered or solar powered

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From what I understsand English is pretty erratic on hyphens, but is either prescribed (proscribed?) by style manuals or is more frequent?
  • lingobingo

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    When attributive (placed before a noun) solar-powered should really have a hyphen: a solar-powered ticket machine.

    If it’s used differently — e.g. the ticket machine is solar-powered — I would still advocate using a hyphen, but here it’s more a matter of choice.


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    Style manuals are just style manuals. They're put out by the Dogpatch University Press or the Dogpatch Courier-News and they say, "When you write for us, we prefer you to use adviser rather than advisor," and suchlike. They don't contain rules about the language. As for which is more common, that's very hard to find out with Google searching, which doesn't handle hyphens helpfully.
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