soleil bienveillant

alex k

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I am looking for a translation for "un soleil bienveillant", I cannot find a solution because " lenient / benevolent / gracious sun" seem strange.
I would like something that tells that the sun is not burning and is perceived as a friend that "takes care " of the person who speaks ( and is probably having a sunbath ).
Can someone help me find a word?
  • istanza

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    Yes, I know compassionate might be too strong. But "bienveillant" can be as well... It's stronger than "friendly" or "smiling" anyway.

    There must be something in between.


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    Hello Alex K,

    How about:

    "Gentle sunshine"

    In English, this means that the sun is not too hot and is a nice temperature for sitting out or sunbathing in. It is kind and gentle.

    The only other phrase that springs to mind is "beautiful sunshine", but I don't think that this is quite right for your translation.

    I hope this helps.


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    Gentle is already more in the meaning of bienveillant... Well it can be.

    Bienveillant literaly means "wanting some good for (...)". It's sort of passive, but there looking after you. Hard to explain actually.
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