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I was listening to a Geraint Thomas interview after Stage 6 of the Tour de France yesterday.
He used the word « solid » several times and I couldn’t tell if he meant « good » or « hard » or something else? I can’t quote exactly but anyone else who watched / heard his interview might know?
Is it a Welsh dialect thing or a youth thing?
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    I don’t suppose you can remember or simulate a sentence?
    I haven’t heard the interview and I’m not familiar with how he speaks but the overall context would suggest that he may have been using the word in a way it is often used in sport : a performance which displayed no hesitations, weaknesses or errors, but which was not necessarily spectacular.

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    It was odd because he says things like “I thought it’d be a solid day”.
    The context was reviewing the first mountain stage, so he could mean hard, or he could mean “well within my capacity” “safe for me”.
    In the sentences I really couldn’t tell which way he was using it.


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    Ah yes I can see why you’re wondering. That to me suggests he’s using it to mean something like “gruelling”. His remarks prior to the stage show that he expected this to be the first real test of the race - he was preparing himself accordingly, since the last time he was here in 2017 he lost the yellow jersey and needed to improve his performance this time.
    It could mean a day when a solid performance was required, or it could be some new usage as you originally said.


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    "It's one of those climbs that you really have to be patient and when Alaphilippe went, at 800 metres to go, I had the confidence to let him go, ride my own tempo and then drive it all the way to the line from 350 metres. I started to blow, though, but it was solid. It's decent."

    Thomas admitted he had been concerned about attacks from the pure climbers on the steepest part of the climb to La Planche des Belles Filles.

    "I thought it would be more of a solid day, it's never easy, but it was steady over the first few climbs," he explained.

    Tour de France: Geraint Thomas gains time on Bernal with late surge |


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    In American English we use the phrase "he had a solid day" in reference to sports. It means that he performed very well, up to or exceeding expectations. It is probably from "his performance today was solid".

    Most closely related to definition "C" below.

    Definition of SOLID

    : of good substantial quality or kind
    solid comfort

    Such as:

    a : sound
    solid reasons

    b : made firmly and well
    solid furniture

    c : reliable
    a solid performer
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