Solo busca favorecer una ideologia

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    El Arzobispo de Sevilla, Cardenal Carlos Amigo Vallejo, criticó el proyecto de Ley de memoria histórica promovida por el PSOE junto a ecologistas y comunistas, porque solo busca favorecer una ideología y no la reconciliación de los españoles.

    The archbishop of Seville, cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo, criticised the proposed law on Historical Memory presented by PSOE together with ecologists and communists, because they only aims to facilitate an ideology and not the reconciliation of the Spanish.

    Can busca mean aim in this context. Any other help with this sentence would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. Mate

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    Castellano - Argentina

    My suggestions:

    Because his only aim is to...
    Because he only seeks to...
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    jiā tàiluó ní yà
    Català & español (Spain)
    "because it aims to favour but the ideology of one side and not the reconciliation of Spaniards".

    It literally says "because it aims to favour but one ideology", but I thought the above translation is clearer.

    Proyecto de Ley es "bill".
  4. London Senior Member

    I have had another try:

    "because it seeks only to facilitate an ideology and not to reconcile the Spanish people."

    PS ampurdan I think "Proycto de Ley" is a "bill" in the US but in the UK we say "proposed law".
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    Fortunately, to my North American ears, "proposed law" makes sense even if it's not what I'd say.

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