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  1. Marianita_ New Member

    I need to translate this sentence for a market research about video games:
    "Smart mobile games refer to all online or solo games run on smart mobile devices"

    I would translate it like "Los juegos móviles inteligentes son todos los juegos online o en solitario utilizados en dispositivos móviles inteligentes".

    But im not really sure... Can you help me?
  2. lmgutie

    lmgutie Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I would write: "Los juegos móviles inteligentes se refieren a todos los juegos en línea o autónomos ejecutados en dispositivos móviles inteligentes"
  3. tom_deluxe New Member

    Spanish - Spain & Catalan
    In Spanish of Spain "solo games" are normally translated as "juegos para un solo jugador".

    I'm not Mexican, but i can call myself a gamer and translating "solo game" as "juego autónomo" sounds very odd to me, at least in the gaming community, even from Mexican Spanish. Please, correct me if i'm wrong.

    In Spain, the word "autónomo", used as an adjective, has the meaning of having the ability to make decisions by yourself. It is more related with the meaning of being independent. Someone in Spain would usually understand you if you say "juego autónomo", but it would sound weird, as "autonomous game" would do in English.

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