Solo me resta


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Hola amigos
I´m so glad to be here again.

¨Solo me resta decir ¨ It´s an expression (usually used in oral presentations) that we use to imply that we´re about to finish a presentation (Speech). I would like to know some equivalent translations of this phrase in English.

Thank you in advance!
  • luispezglobo

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    podrias usar "in conclusion i would like to say that..... eso seria un equivalente
    o "i would like to finish by saying"
    si se me ocurre otra te escribo


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    Luispezglobo's suggestions are good.

    I'll finish by saying...
    I would like to finish with this:...
    I would like to end with this:...

    There are many different ways that all say basically the same thing.
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