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Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by Domingou, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Domingou New Member

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    Hello everyone!

    Learning Portuguese has been a (casual) hobby of mine for some time due to my love of Brazilian music (and some Portuguese fado too!). Unfortunately I'm not nearly advanced enough to post this question in Portuguese. :eek:

    There are always things I can translate literally but that I expect have some kind of connotation I miss out on. "Solta o Pavão" might be an example of this. It is the title of a 1975 album by my favorite Brazilian musician, Jorge Ben. There is no song with this title on the album, so I'm left without much context. Um pavão is, I gather, a peacock. Solta is akin to the Spanish suelta--can the title of this beautiful album possibly be "Release the Peacock"?!

    Am I missing something here? Is the title a reference to some idiomatic phrase, for example? Or is it just a reflection of Jorge's eccentricity?

    Thank you so much for any help with this thing I've wondered about for so long!
  2. fernandobn97007 Senior Member

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    I read this here

    You know a girl at school that nobody pays attention to (a bit quiet and studious too) and suddenly she appears at a party gorgeous and looking very hot and she says, nice to meet you, I am "unleash the peacock".
  3. Vanda

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    Welcome to the forums, Domingou! :) You'd never get that (solta o pavão) even if you wrote all your post in Portuguese! It is too idiomatic for a non-native. ;) As Fernando has explained above pavão is used in the sense of showing splendour and it is also used to refer to a person who shows vanity. We have idioms using ''solta xxxx'' and they mean sort of 'releasing something' . Un example: solta o som! Meaning we are in a party and we ask someone to turn on the music.
  4. Domingou New Member

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    fernandobn97007 and Vanda:

    Thank you for your replies!
    It definitely makes more sense now. :)

    Muito obrigado!
  5. okporip

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    Talvez tenha a ver com "Solta a franga!"... E tem também outra, notabilizada por uma música dos anos 1970:

    "Abra suas asas
    Solte suas feras
    Caia na gandaia
    Entre nessa festa
    E leve com você
    Seu sonho mais louco (...)"
  6. almufadado

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    Porque aqui também seria "soltar a fera", a "gata assanhada".

    Mas como no jardim do meu avô haviam muito pavões. I get the drift !

    O pavão tem uma cauda muito grande, habitualmente fechada e extendida. Quando se quer meter com as fêmeas abre a enorme cauda em leque, cheia de cores e desenhos, para impressionar as fêmeas.

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