solve a problem or resolve a problem


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Hello there,

At school I learnt the expression "to solve a problem". This morning I came across the expression "resolve a problem".

Here's the context:

"Sitting in every night on the sofa watching soaps wasn't going to resolve the problems in their relationship"

Can I use both expressions interchangeably or is there a nuance I should know about?

Thank you very much in advance
  • Pidginboy

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    A student's problem is solved on the note book.
    A career problem was resolved by talking to the superior.

    The above sentence may throw some light on their differences.


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    "Solve the problems" could also be used in this sentence. It's more general, very commonly used.

    "Resolve the problems" indicates a situation. In this case the relationship

    Another example:

    You "solve" a math problem...find the answer
    But you cannot "resolve" a math's not a situation