Solve or Resolve problems?

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Hi, native speakers of English!

Do you say, 'We all have different ways of solving problems' OR '... of resolving problems'? - or maybe both?

Thanks in advance.
  • morzh

    There are problems you solve (like the ones you have in a classroom, or at work when you designing something) and resolve (like a conflict, or a problem that holds you from successfully reaching sometfhing).
    Although formally "solve" is one of the meanings of "resolve".


    I resolved their conflict to mutual satisfaction.
    He resolved the conflict on the bus between the two devices.
    I solved that puzzle.
    He solved that technical issue we spoke about.


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    I would use solving for problems that required analysis or calculation, and resolving for problems that involved personal, business, or international relationships. Both are correct, but each has its own connotations.

    (I am going to quit making note of cross-posting. It just happens too often.)
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