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I am looking for a word that implies "without cheating" in any sense. The word has to be a verb, and is a synonym to "solve". If one word is too short, I can also take in two word combinations as well. For example:

"To work out" similar to "solve". In a math class, to "work out" means to figure out the problem "without cheating", because looking at the answer book is not "working out" because that does not take "work" in the sense to do.

Thank you and have good day!
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    I have no problem with leaving my inquiry as "solve". Decode is good, but discover seems to give off a certain entailment elsewhere.


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    'Solve' feels like the most natural verb to use here. 'Solve' and 'riddle' go together like horse and carriage*.

    To me, 'solve' carries no implication of cheating. If you really need to tell the solver that he or she shouldn't or mustn't cheat, then I think you might have to spell it out. Something like ' . . . solve this riddle without cheating'.

    *Though perhaps not always like love and marriage. :)


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    Maybe "deduce" would work - you'd have to say "deduce the answer to this riddle" though. Or "figure out this riddle" might work. I agree that "solve" means find the answer, but "solve" could be interpreted (if a person really wants to) as "find the answer" whereas "deduce" or "figure out" the answer seem more definitively to rule out asking your mom or doing a Google search (things I am guessing you might class as "cheats"?)
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