some 300 or 400 feet below

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    Hello everyone.

    My doubt is about one expression that I've read several times during my reading of an English book. It is "The worst journey in the world" from Apsley Cherry Garrad. It deals* about the Scott's expedition in Antarctic. And when Cherry-Garrad describes the height of cliffs or mountains I saw the figure sometimes preceded by some.
    What does that "some" mean?

    * Please. Could you tell me if when you are talking about the argument or topic of a book, you can use the verb "to deal"?

    Thank you very much.
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

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    "some" can be used to indicate an approximate quantity. And "deal" goes with "with" and not "about" :).
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    some = unos(as), más o menos, unos(as) cuantos(as).

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