some internal circuit breaker fell with a sizzle


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Filling the screen was this tulip, this one tulip, so beautiful it just made you want to hold your breath. Then the camera pulled back with dizzying suddenness and you saw a whole field filled with tulips. It knocked you flat. It produced total sensory overload and some internal circuit breaker fell with a sizzle, cutting off the input.
Source: The Stand by Stephen King
Context: Stu, deaf-mute, is overwhelmed as he is experiencing uncharted jounrney outside Shoyo. He likes the vastness to a Disney movie scene that he had seen as a kid.

'fell with sizzle' seems to describe the household circuit breaker that trips or burns out due some overload condition, right? Does the expression 'with the sizzle' mean that it did indeed burnt down, giving sizzling sound, like when you frying food?

Thank you.
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    Yes, since it was all metaphorical, it could do whatever it wanted. It didn't have to follow the laws of physics and biology.
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