some <lost passage> from


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Hi everyone! I don't understand the word " lost passage" here. What does it mean?

the context is as follows:
This doesn’t tend to happen. And yet, Tao explained, nobody can say precisely why. It’s a decades-old conundrum, and Tao has recently been working on an approach to a solution — one part fanciful, one part outright absurd, like some lost passage from ‘‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’’

  • boozer

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    Some part of 'Alice's Adventures...' that was never published and, therefore, was lost to the readers around the world.

    Thomas Tompion

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    Thank you boozer. I think I almost understand it now! :D

    So the "lost passage" here means the solution is sort of mysterious ?
    Yes. I don't think that there is a suggestion that we are dealing with an actual lost part of Alice in Wonderland.

    Rather, it's saying that the way Tao has been working towards a solution to the problem resembles the 'logical' processes found in Alice in Wonderland.
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