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Yujan Chou

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Context: a police patrol is speaking on his walkie-talkie, which doesn't seem to be working.

Eagle calling! Eagle calling! Eagle calling! Eagle calling!
(angrily shaking the walkie-talkie)
Some patent, this...Eagle calling! Eagle calling!​

I wonder what "some patent, this..." means here. Can someone please help?
  • Barque

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    It's probably a patented walkie-talkie. The inventor (of that particular model/design) had registered a patent for that design.

    "Some patent" is a sarcastic way of saying "This was really worth patenting". He means he doesn't think it's worth it.

    some: (used, esp. when stressed, to express irony or sarcasm, or that the next noun is unusual, remarkable, undeniable, etc.:
    [~ + countable noun]
    Some partner you turned out to be!
    That was some storm.

    [~ + plural noun] Those were some tough football players!
    some - Dictionary of English
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