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Somehow I've succeeded in losing my keys!
De quelconque manière/sorte, j'ai réussi à predre mes cles!

I know that en quelque sorte would be more common, but I just like the word quelconque and I'm always trying to find a way to slip it in:D
  • zita beretta

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    It's difficult to slip quelconque in this sentence.
    According to the context, ( depending on the tone you need, ironic..., or whatever....)I would say
    En quelque sorte (as you said)
    D'une façon ou d'une autre j'ai réussi...
    J'ai plus ou moins réussi à perdre mes clés
    N'importe comment j'ai réussi à ...
    Quelque part j'ai réussi (if you want something funny, sounding snobbish, here "quelque part" doesn't mean "somewhere", even if it can mislead, by the way. But "somewhere" should be in French J'ai réussi à perdre mes clés quelque part)
    hope it helps


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    An English note: perdre is a typo :cross:predre:cross:.

    I prefer the last example of zita: I've succeeded in losing my keys somewhere.
    Quelconque sounds weird so although you like the sound ..... :confused: