Someone done mash five

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It is from 'For your eyes only', story.Please explain the meaning of bold sentence.
Mrs Havelock said: ‘It’s time we started bottling,
Agatha. The guavas are early this year.’
Agatha’s face was impassive. She said: ‘Yes’m. But we done need more
‘Why? It was only last year I got you two dozen of the best I could find at
‘Yes’m. Someone done mash five, six of dose.’
‘Oh dear. How did that happen?’
‘Couldn’t say’m.’
  • entangledbank

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    Yes, it appears to be dialectal for 'Someone mashed five or six of those', but you would mash guavas, not bottles, so I'd guess 'mash' is a dialectal pronunciation of 'smash'. This is not familiar, but the other dialectal features are.
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