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A:Do you know that someone loves you ?
B:Who are they ?

Is it correct to use "someone" to refer more than a person ?

“someone loves you so much in life.Do you know them ?”

Is the sentence above correct ?
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    I would not use "someone" to mean more than one person.

    Also, we don't use spaces before ? and ". But we do use a space between sentences.


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    I would interpret someone as singular, and the they in the second turn as a 'singular' they.


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    can someone help me?
    we can only use it if we only need one person to help us by asking the sentence above?
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    More than one person:
    Do you know there are people who love you?
    Who are they?

    One person:
    Do you know there is someone who loves you?
    Who are they?*

    *In this case, we use "they" because we don't know if it's a man or woman who loves you, so "they" lets us avoid "Who is he or she?" which is rather awkward.
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