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    If someone owes you money and you need it, you approach him and remind him of his debt. How do you call this act?

    a) Peter needs to see Mike to collect the money that he owed?

    How about if you are the tenant and you need to collect rent fees from people who are renting your apartment?

    b) Mr. Smith will return tomorrow to collect the rent?

    I'm not sure if my sentences are correct or if they are formal. Please give expressions in both registers (formal and colloquial) and the ones that sound natural. Thanks.
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    I think the word "collect" it a bit too strong. To me, it suggests that the person forces the other one to pay. You can also use the word "recuperate" (but only if you mean you have a couple of thugs that collect the money)
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    Hi ffrancis.

    I think it's fine to say that you need to collect from someone who owes you money. But if it's an informal situation between friends, you could also say that Peter needs to get the money mike owes him.

    I would not say that Peter needs to "get his money back", because that sounds like Peter is getting a refund for something he purchased from Mike.

    Also, a tenant is someone who lives in an apartment. A landlord or apartment owner is the person who collects rent from the tenants.

    Otherwise, I think your sentences are correct and natural enough.

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