Someone person said

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    Someone person said.

    Note that this is not a sentence (it is often followed by that, e.g. Someone said that she is now living in Greece).

    If you want to use person, perhaps you could give us a sentence.


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    'Someone' already (in effect) contains a noun: 'someone' means 'some person'. If you want to use it with another noun, just use 'some', as in 'some person'.


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    The book you quote from has "some one person" (meaning a person or a particular person).

    You can find a small number of examples of someone person, but this is almost certainly a mistake that can occur in two ways:

    1) Someone person has been written instead of some one person. Iin the same way we might write anyone person instead of any one person.
    2) A typo for someone/person or someone (a person)
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