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  1. trigel Senior Member

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    Is there a similar expression when you're frustrated at someone who doesn't understand something and want somebody else to correct him/her?
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  2. Stifled Member

    The closest thing I can think of is to reset, as in: לאפס מישהו

    ההתנהגות שלו לא מקובלת והוא לא מוכן להקשיב. מישהו צריך לאפס אותו
    הוא כבר בן 30 ועדיין אין לו מושג מה הוא רוצה לעשות בחיים. הגיע הזמן שהוא ייתאפס על עצמו
  3. ystab Senior Member

    Stifled, though this is one of the meanings of setting someone straight, I'm not sure that this is what trigel means here. Anyway, לאפס מישהו is rather colloquial. A more formal expression would be להעמיד אדם במקומו. Another variation of setting someone straight is להעמיד אדם על טעותו - to show a man that he is wrong.

    trigel, I can't think of any equivalent right now, unless you did aim for what Stifled wrote.
  4. trigel Senior Member

    English - US, Korean
    You say that there is no colloquial counterpart of להעמיד אדם על טעותו?
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  5. Tararam Senior Member

    There's "היכנס/כנס בו!" which means "confront him!" and it can take the meaning of "להעמיד אדם על טעותו" in this context.
    כנס is the colloquial imperative form of "להיכנס".
  6. ystab Senior Member

    Oh, I didn't realize you were looking only for the colloquial. Again, these things are the ones that come to my mind at this moment.

    You can say להכניס בו קצת שכל - get some sense into him.

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