someone share interest in/with someone


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Hi! I want to say :
"And it can be real challenge to get on well with someone that doesn't share any interest with you."
Is it correct or it'd rather be "interest in you"? Well it sounds weird for me haha!
If you think of a better way to say it, then tell me!
Thank you for helping!
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    Hi dynalith, "... can be a real challenge ..." and interests is probably preferable, though I don't :eek: at the use of the singular.
    As for interest with/in you, it's pretty much the same distinction as in French really (but as this is Eng only, I can't spell it out!)

    You can show an interest in someone, or share an interest (or interests) with someone. (You can also share an interest in someone - you both admire that hourglass blonde's wonderful intellect - but I don't think that's what you mean here.)
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