Someone was gonna have to pay the piper

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What's the meaning of this????

The rogue snickered. "Don't worry," he assured in his sandpaper voice. "We won't kill him until we get what we want."
"Until he's not useful to you anymore, you mean."
"Think what you want, girlie."
I had just about had it with all that girlie garbage. Someone was gonna have to pay the piper, courtesy of yours truly.

  • witkinss

    Español, Argentina, Venezuela
    Sería como "alguien la tenía que pagar". Es una expresión idiomática: to accept the unpleasant results of something you have done /pay the price


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    British English
    pagar el pavo
    Yo pienso mas bien es pagar el pato, como en ingles británico to carry the can or face the music.
    He buscado pagar el pavo aqui y en Cuenca y no existe ningún expresión tal cual.

    Por cierto que to pay the piper suena mas bien en ingles americano que en británico.


    British English
    Yes loud-------youre right--------"pagar el pato".

    "pagar el pavo" does google but in a limited way and with a different meaning. My mistake.


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    UK English
    I'd always assumed that the expression "pay the piper" comes from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin: when the villagers of Hamelin refuse to pay him for getting rid of their rats, he steals their children in revenge. To avoid a nasty outcome like this, you have to "pay the piper".
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