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How would an American native speaker refer to someone who's house is located in a good part of a town where some wealthy and people from a higher social and cultural class live there and where usually the dwellers' average income is higher than the others who live in working class neighborhoods? The only sentence I guess works here is:

- He/she lives in uptown.

Though I doubt if it is natural in the situation I painted. I was wondering if it doesn't work properly someone could let me know how a native speaker would indicate such a message?
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    I don't think "up" or "down" applies to social classes in the way you try to apply it here. In New York "Uptown" is literally what is considered to be further north, and "downtown" further south. I can imagine that in other cities "down town" would imply towards the center of the city and "uptown" wouldn't be used at all. But in either case they'd refer to geography rather than the residents living there.

    Unfortunately I can't think of a simple word or term for what you're looking for though.


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    Uptown can mean:

    1. of, for, or characteristic of affluent people;
      elegant, stylish, or luxurious: uptown fashions; uptown tastes.
    However, we generally don't use it to describe people, and it may be a bit old-fashioned thee days.

    We might say that someone is from 'the better part of town', which is an understated way of saying that they live where the rich people live. However, I can't think of a noun referring to such a person. I think that if you want to express that idea, you will have to say what you mean specifically.
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