something <lekker> for the wife [South African]


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This line comes from Blood Diamond:

Now look, why dont I just look the other way, all right, you take one or two of those stones, you get something lekker for the wife, or maybe the mistress all right? We solve the problem right here?
Could you tell me what he meant by lekker in this text?
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    Lekker means much the same in Dutch [surprise!]

    German word Lecker means delicious.

    Lekker/Lecker derive from the same root as "lick" - so tasty you want to lick them.


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    Lekker is almost impossible to translate into English, and I find that it doesn't even properly translate into the German "Lecker". Lekker can apply to just about anything - if food is "lekker" ('Jislaaik, hierdie kos is lekker!') it is delicious, if the weather is "lekker" ('Dis lekker weer om te gaan swem') it is great weather, and so on. The Afrikaans word for a lolly, or a sweet, is a "lekker", if that gives you any idea! It's just a word that generally denotes something really good, and can be used in just about any context.

    In the quote, "lekker" would mean something pretty or precious, which the wife would appreciate.


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    tThe word "lekker" in afrikaans as meant in the film Blood Diamond means cool. Its a word used in South Africa for like... ah nice, cool, its a word that can be used for almost anything to describe something in a positive way and its can be used for saying like cool, nice one. Lekker is used more of a slang word in afrikaans.

    loxi :)
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