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    Hola a todos, quisiera ayuda con esta frase. Es un tipo hablando de que el negocio de los agentes literarios es muy duro y competitivo: "If you ever saw or heard tell of a soft-hearted agent, he was strictly in song and dance, not getting lumps on the head on Madison Avenue". Mi pregunta es a qué se refiere "song and dance". He consultado los significados habituales y ninguno me cuadra. Muchas gracias.
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    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    ¿"..en broma/de cachondeo.."?
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    No sé. Me molesta el "strictly". Pero no es mala sugerencia. Muchas gracias.
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    "Song and dance" is something of a set phrase that refers to a simple, very basic performance of the sort that used to be performed in vaudeville (vodevil). The gist of the sentence is that a soft-hearted agent could never be successful in this business and would find himself only (strictly) representing low-end, song-and-dance performers in local vaudeville theaters, never rising to national prominence (Madison Avenue).

    http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/song and dance

    edit: I just thought of another way to express it.
    "Song and dance" agent = "small time" agent
    "Madison Avenue" agent = "big time" agent
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    I think that's final. Thanks a lot!
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    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    Could not agree more.

    Saludos, t.

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