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How, exactly, do you write a japanese song? Is there a certain word order? Does it have to rhyme like english songs?
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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
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    Regarding rhyme, Japanese song lyrics seldom resort to rhyme-schemes for musical effect. I would even say the idea of rhyme is almost non-existent in Japanese poetry in general. A few authors have tried to introduce into Japanese lyrics rhyme as perceived in European cultures. I find them rendering facetiousness rather than musicality in lyrics (this view might be held by me only ^^; ).

    Word order in Japanese lyrics is almost the same as in prose. The only salient difference I can think of right now is that, in lyrics, emphasised nouns can be taken out of the usual position in the sentence and placed at the end.

    Prose: この道を君と歩いた ([I ] walked this street with you)
    kono michi-o kimi-to aruita
    Lyric: 君と歩いたこの道 (This street [I ] walked with you)
    kimi-to aruita kono michi

    To be more accurate, moving a noun to the end of the sentence as in the above is not inversion but creating a relative clause that modifies the noun at the end. If you don't care for fine-lettered grammatical points, well then, you can say the noun is moved to the end because the end is an emphatic position.