Sonidos de los animales?

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  1. calgirl350 New Member

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    Como se dice los sonidos de los animales en ingles? (oveja, pato, vaca, gato, perro, pajaro) Muchas gracias!
  2. aurilla Senior Member

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    gato = meow / también hiss & spit (cuando pelea)
    perro = bark, bow-wow, woof, yap / snarl + growl cuando alterado
    canario = tweet
    pájaros cantores = warble, trill, whistle
    perico = chirp
    buho = hoot, screech
    águila (y otras aves de rapiña) = screech
    cuervo = caw
    caballo = neigh, whinny
    cabro = bah, cry, bleat
    culebra = hiss
    cerdito = oink
    cerdo = snort, grunt
    vaca = moo, low
    chick = peep
    gallina = cluck, cackle / squawk (cuando asustada)
    gallo = crow (cantar)
    ganzo = honk, gaggle
    pavo = gobble
    pato = quack
    elefante = trumpet
    león / tigre / pantera = roar, snarl + growl
    lobo / coyote = howl
    ratón = squeak
    burro / mula = hee-haw
    abejas / moscas = buzz
    hyena = laugh / snarl, growl
  3. yeehawk Senior Member

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    Y . . . oveja: bleat
  4. Ajolote Member

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    Great list! How fun! A ver que más hay:

    sheep, goat: "BAAA"; to bleat, to low
    cow: "MOOO"; to moo, to low, to bellow
    dog: "BOW WOW", "WOOF", "RUFF", "BARK", "YELP", "GROWWLLL", "HOWWLLL"; to bark, to yelp, to growl, to snarl, to howl, to whine, to whimper
    crow: "CAW CAW"; to squawk, to caw
    bird: "CHIRP", "CHEEP", "PEEP"; to chirp, to peep, to twitter, to warble, to trill, to tweet, to sing
    owl: "HOO HOO HOO"; to hoot, to screech
    insect: "CHIRP", "BZZZ"; to chirp, to buzz, to hum, to drone, to bumble, to click
    chicken, rooster: "BOK", "BUKAWW", "COCKA-DOODLE-DOO"; to cluck, to crow
    donkey: "HEE HAW", "HIYAAAH"; to bray, to bellow
    pig: "OINK", "SNORT", "SQUEAL"; to oink, to snort, to squeal, to squall
    turkey: "GOBBLE GOBBLE"; to gobble, to chatter
    cat: "MEW", "MEOW", "MRROW", "GROWWLLL", "HISSS", "PRRR"; to meow, to mew, to mewl, to yowl, to growl, to hiss, to spit, to purr
    horse: "NAAYYYY", "SNORT"; to whinny, to neigh, to nicker, to snort, to blow, to scream
    goose: "HONK HONK"; to honk, to trumpet
    duck: "QUACK"; to quack, to honk
    snake: "HISSSS"; to hiss
    bear: "ROAR", "MOAN"; to growl, to grunt, to moan, to roar
    mouse: "SQUEAK", to squeak

    There's more...
  5. aurilla Senior Member

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    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    Ajolete... you got me howling...! :D Good stuff!
  6. david13

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    Una pregunta: si eres estadounidense, ¿por qué pides la expresión de los sonidos de los animales en inglés?
  7. Singinswtt11

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    Yo quisiera las expresiones en español...

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